University and College Coaches

TNT Tournaments have always left it up to the individuals players and teams to contact any Universities and Colleges that have attended TNT Tournaments by email or phone directly to invite them to their games. Please only contact the schools that are a good fit for you. DO NOT MASS EMAIL THEM.

Note: We do not publish a list of the schools that have RSVPed for each tournament because the college coaches prefer that we don’t.

Through the years they have told us that once we publish the list, they get inundated with worthless mass emails from players that really have no real desire to go to their school or who really are not a good fit for their school. They want players to contact them that truly are interested in their school/program. So do a little research, come up with a viable list of schools you want to attend, and contact all of them about this event, even if they are not on the list on the University and College List Page.

TNT can bring colleges to the tournament and camp,but we cannot make them watch your team.